Substantial new work comparing European contract law

My attention was drawn earlier this week to a substantial new work (2,384 pages in length) edited by Professors Nils Jansen and Reinhard Zimmermann which compares the core doctrines and rules of contract law from the perspective of the plethora of supranational instruments which have sought to set out schemes for organising contract law (e.g. CISG, PECL, the DCFR, PICC, among many others). The work is entitled Commentaries on European Contract Laws. I have not yet had the chance to take much of a look at the work, but at first glance it appears to to be a significant and important undertaking, and will be highly relevant to those with an interest in the harmonisation of contract law and its (possible) codification. Given the breadth and depth of the study undertaken, and the meticulous detail into which the editors and authors appear to have gone in their examination of the texts under study, this must have been a real and herculean labour of love. I look forward to finding time to sit down with what looks like a fascinating and doubtless very rewarding work.